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Victim Services Assessment (VSA)


Want to include victim services TTA as part of your PSN team’s violence reduction strategies but feel unsure how to do so?  Our Victim Services Assessment (VSA) is a great place to start!

The VSA will 1) assess districts' existing programming, services, and partnerships with community organizations as related to victims; 2) highlight strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations for districts to increase and enhance these programming, services, and partnerships; and 3) connect districts with local victim services organizations, partners, and funding sources.

Please reference the attached one-pager for more information, or please reach out with questions by replying here or emailing me at bmccarty@victimsofcrime.org.

Thank you!

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Benjamin McCarty, Esq. // Program Director // National Center for Victims of Crime // Don't forget to register for NCVC's 2019 National Training Institute, held December 4-6, 2019 in Denver!

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