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Register for the NCVC's 2019 annual conference, held December 4-6 in Denver!


Spots for the NCVC's 2019 annual conference (the National Training Institute (NTI)) are quickly filling up!  Register today to reserve your spot.

NTI is a multidisciplinary institute offering more than 80 victim-centered, practice-based, research-informed trainings to sharpen your skills, connect with peers, and reach across professions, including: law enforcement, victim service professionals, attorneys, members of the military and Department of Defense, counselors, allied practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.
While all of our workshops will be valuable, please find attached (1) a pamphlet with several case study workshop descriptions and (2) a pamphlet with law enforcement workshops (non case study), both of which we think will be particularly relevant and useful for law enforcement.
To register for NTI 2019, please click here.  Please note we are offering a $50 registration discount for law enforcement.  To access this discount, please make sure you have selected law enforcement as your registration type, and enter the password 2019NTILE.
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Benjamin McCarty, Esq. // Program Director // National Center for Victims of Crime // Don't forget to register for NCVC's 2019 National Training Institute, held December 4-6, 2019 in Denver!

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