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July 19 PSN TTA Gathering in DC


Yesterday, July 19, all three PSN TTA providers -- the National Center for Victims of Crime, Michigan State University, and CNA Institute for Public Research -- met at the Bureau of Justice Assistance headquarters in Washington, DC.  DOJ partners and PSN regional site liaisons were also present.  The group discussed the history of the PSN TTA program and how TTA delivery could be improved.

While there, I disseminated copies of NCVC's TTA catalog and sought input from attendees on how to help PSN districts engage with us on victims' needs and experiences as related to reducing violent crime.  Overall, the meeting was very encouraging and productive.  The NCVC PSN took plenty of notes and is excited to continue thinking about how best to engage with PSN districts.

Are you a part of a PSN district?  If so, which victim services TTA topics is your district most in need of?  Please let us know how we can improve our victim services TTA delivery -- your feedback is truly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Benjamin McCarty, Esq. // Program Director // National Center for Victims of Crime // Don't forget to register for NCVC's 2019 National Training Institute, held December 4-6, 2019 in Denver!

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